Selective Racking System

Selective Racking System

  • The most versatile and highly flexible system for storage of palletized products.
  • Optimum and economical solution for warehouses with palletized products and wide variety of SKU’s.
  • convenient and unrestricted access to each and every pallet.
  • The racking configuration can be easily modified and extendable.
  • Working aisle and the height of the rack depends upon the characteristics of Material Handling Equipment, pallet size and the height of warehouse.
  • Variety of Profile allows different load carrying capacity and Improved stability.

Benefits Of Selective Pallet Racking

  • Alphalogic Industries Limited Pallet racks are most suitable for common Material Handling Equipment’s (MHE) like Forklift, Stacker and Reach Truck.
  • Alphalogic Industries Limited Pallet Racks are more versatile and flexible heavy duty storage system, suitable for any shape of palletized goods and packages.
  • Alphalogic Industries Limited pallet racks allows expandable and suitable to re-organize for future.
  • Vertical storage gives economical use of floor space with low investment cost/Pallet.

This storage system is one of the most versatile and flexible systems. It is ideal for storing palletized products.

1Flexible and versatile.Ideal for storing palletized productsMost economical and suitable for a wide range of SKUs.
2Design that has 100{b6d896925c8178c5baa4aefb2e5d556c2684ecffc98b013870b36177feb5d879} visibility of itemsUnrestricted accessConvenience of usage
3Racking that is easily modified and extendedEasy to re-organize and store different shapes of itemsSaves money and effort
4Built with strong and durable steel materialHeavy materials can be storedSuited for all Material Handling Equipment like Reach truck, Forklift, Stacker
5Vertical storageOptimum use of floor spaceSaves space and cost

The working aisle and height of the rack are decided based on the type of material to be stored, the equipment used in handling materials, the height of the warehouse, etc.

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