Long Span Shelving

  • Long span shelving is used to store loose parts, Bins which can be picked manually.
  • Flexible and easy to assemble cost effective storage which can be optimized to meet individual needs.
  • Long span shelving system is Modular, depends on the products to be stored, rearranging and expansion of shelves can be easily done.
  • Medium and Heavy parts can also be stored.
  • It is cost-effective storage that offers flexibility and ease of assembly. It can be customized to suit the requirements. Rearranging and expanding the shelves is achieved without much effort.
  • Heavy and Medium parts can be stored.
  • Mostly used to store bins and loose parts that need to be picked up manually and frequently.

Benefits Of Long Span Shelving

  • Excellent versatility of storage.
  • Plastic bins, containers, cartons, pallets, and individually wrapped single items can be stored.
  • Manual replenishment and order picking
  • Simple and economical system.
  • An economical and simple storage system.
  • Suitable for storing cartons, pallets, plastic bins, single items, and containers.
  • Offers the versatility of storage.
  • Order picking and manual replenishment with ease.
Long Span Shelving

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