Column Based Mezzanine

This is another of our lightweight steel flooring systems. The grouted Vertical columns support the grid. The grid is created by horizontal beams. On these horizontal beams, the decking panels are assembled.

Taking into account the layout of the room, we configure the system for a perfect fit that saves space and meets the storage requirements optimally. The column-based mezzanine system can be designed for load capacities ranging from 500 kg/sqm to 1500 kg/sqm UDL. The height of this system can range from 2.4m to 3m. If the system needs to have a height above 3meters, we ensure a design that takes into account the additional stability requirements. A single-tier or two-tier system can be made.

Benefits Of Column Based Mezzanine

  • Best utilization of height of the building to create extra storage space.
  • Easy assembly and interchangeability of parts help in relocation if need be.
  • Easy to expand; so, it is a future-ready system.
  • Durable powder-coated structure has a long life and looks beautiful.
  • Materials can be moved in one direction using gravity and a guided passage is created for the same.
  • Lifts or conveyors can also be set up for moving materials at different heights or horizontally.
Column Based Mezzanine

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