Multi Tier Shelving

There is a maximum or judicious utilization of three-dimensional space. The rack structures have within them upright stairs and catwalks.
Convenient splitting of a number of tires to approach the shelving levels with great ease.
This type of storage system is preferred while storing goods in bins, carton boxes, non-palletized goods, etc.
Manual order picking is possible at all levels.

  • Maximum use of warehouse 3 Dimensional space, constructed with upright and catwalks within the rack structures.
  • Number of tires is conveniently split to approach the shelving levels easily.
  • Multi-tier shelving is preferred for storage of non-palletized goods or goods stored in bins, carton boxes or any other storage units.
  • Enables manual order picking at all level.

Benefits Of Multi Tier Shelving

  • Storage Volume are utilized to maximum and can also be extended easily, in case of needs.
  • This type of shelving can be used for wide range of applications.
  • More preferred when order picking is Random and Selective.
  • Best system where products or items need to be picked selectively or randomly.
  • Multi-tier shelving system not just saves space but also can be extended easily as and when needed.
  • Facilitates the storing of a wide range of products and items.
Multi Tier Shelving

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