This is one of the most modern racking systems that has been widely accepted for its ease of use and saving storage space. The series mobile compactor system makes record management a cakewalk.

This system is compact, provides maximum storage, and no multiple access aisles are needed. You can store data, files, or materials in this modern mobile compactor system which increases the storage capacity by nearly 100%. When you need the best Mobile Compactor manufacturer in Pune, just call us. We are one of the best file cabinet manufacturer in Pune.

Some of the important features of mobile storage systems are:


Various system combinations are available to suit individual storage requirements.

Ease of installation

It is extremely easy to install and reconfigure the systems.


They are available in various colour combinations to enhance the interiors of office.

User Safety

Prime importance is given to user safety, which enables anybody and everybody to use the systems without any fear.
Traditional Shelving
Half the Space
Double the Capacity
Push and Pull Type Mobile Compactor

Push and Pull Type Mobile Compactor

As the name suggests, this type of mobile compactor system can be operated by offering a push or pull. Mostly, this model is 750 mm to 2000 mm in length. The handles are designed in such a way that there is not much physical strength needed to operate the system. This manual system can be modified to a mechanically driven or motor-driven system without much hassle.

Motorised Mobile Compactor System

When the compactor systems are driven with a motor, it offers the most convenient way to operate the compactor storage system. Customized lengths can be achieved with this type of compactor system.

Motorised Mobile Compactor System
Mechanical Mobile Compactor System

Mechanical Mobile Compactor System

Being motorized, this compactor system is longer than the push and pull system and can be made in lengths ranging from 750mm to 12000mm. The systems can be set into motion by turning the handle. By applying 1 kg of force, one can move up to 4000 kg. The handles are convenient to use and facilitate the locking of modules while in use.
This manual system can be modified to a mechanically driven or motor-driven system without much hassle.

Advantages Mobile Compactor System

  • Easy installation: This system not just offers easy installation but also easy reconfiguring.  
  • Flexibility: It can be customized to multiple combinations to suit storage requirements.
  • Aesthetically appealing: Available in any color to suit the space around it.
  • User friendly: Anybody can use this system with complete safety.

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